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Above and Below The Surface LLC

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Above and Below The Surface began with a seed. An idea and goal to shake up the music industry with a focus on creativity and uniqueness. Finding fertile soil, it began to take root in the underground with Below The Surface. The label is renowned for experimentation and its deep and dark sounds; pulling energy from the earth’s hot and fiery core. As the roots strengthened new life began upward with the creation of Above The Surface. Presenting the perfect balance to its underground counterpart, Above The Surface draws inspiration from the sun, our bright sky and dreamy clouds. Releases are melodic and uplifting with mainstream appeal while maintaining an innovative undercurrent. With a core focus on artist development and brand building, Above and Below The Surface recently evolved into a full-fledged management and booking agency in addition to the label. Teeming with life, Above and Below The Surface continues to expand and evolve with each passing day.



1212h El Camino Real #231
San Bruno, California 94066