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AllTrack Performing Rights


AllTrack is the first full service global performing rights organization (PRO) established to represent independent music creators – artists, songwriters, composers, producers and publishers. Its mission is to maximize compensation to its creator base by focusing on licensing their music and collecting their performance royalties from millions of potential commercial music users across the globe. AllTrack’s creators are compensated when their songs are performed by streaming services, TV, cable, radio and when their songs are played in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and hundreds of other types of businesses. AllTrack’s creators are also compensated when their songs are publicly performed live. An AllTrack license is an efficient, fair and ethical means for businesses to both utilize the music of AllTrack's creators and comply with global copyright law. Through the ongoing development and use of cutting-edge technology designed to eliminate inefficiencies, AllTrack is committed to providing a near effortless compliance solution for creators and businesses, resulting in a hyper-efficient, fair and balanced marketplace for all. Please visit to learn more.



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