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OAR was founded by the US-based management team of Grammy nominated Brazilian artists Boogarins in 2017, first releasing the group’s live collection as a limited vinyl pressing available exclusively at Boogarins performances.

In 2018 OAR signed a worldwide distribution agreement with ORG Music.

“ORG Music’s focus on vinyl and commitment to brick and mortar retail offered the ideal opportunity for OAR’s growing physical catalog.” OAR Managing Partner Gordon Zacharias said in a statement.

“I worked for years at NYC’s former vinyl mainstay Rock’s In Your Head in SoHo in the 90’s and left to lead an early streaming audio team at a Latin America music startup from ‘98-’01. We were just making sense of digital back then, and vinyl was possibly getting lost in the shuffle. Fast-forward 20 years and it is all starting to make sense. I run a label in the age of streaming, while managing a band from South America that loves vinyl.”

OAR's roster continues to grow as they release their first English-sung set from Particle Kid --Micah Nelson's psych rock trio.



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