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A&R Internship

Position Type: Full Time
Location: Los Angeles, CA

A&R Internship

DIM MAK RECORDS is seeking an A&R intern. This position is paid. Applicants should be available to work out of our Downtown LA office 40 hours a week once we return to the office.

A&R candidate should know the Dim Mak brand and the electronic music community as a whole. Knowledge of electronic music and artists across all genres is a must and has its finger on the pulse of major events, festivals, and releases outside of Dim Mak, news about the electronic community, etc.

-Strong research, communication, and file organization skills required
-Knowledge of electronic dance music artists & differentiation of genres under the electronic dance music umbrella
-Knowledge of major events, festivals, releases
-Knowledge of music writing & composition preferred
-Knowledge of digital service providers
-Knowledge of playlists on digital service providers
-Knowledge of the importance of music streaming analytics
-Knowledge of music analytics platforms like Chartmetric and SpotOnTrack preferred
-Experience using cloud storage services preferred
-Engineering and/or music training preferred
-Eagerness to track new releases from other labels every week and to discover new up and coming artists
-Passion for finding new rising genres and trends before they hit the mainstream

-Researching writers, producers, and brands
-Maintaining contact list and database
-Compiling music assets
-Tracking data for our releases, like playlist placements
-Communicating with sync agents
-Providing support to our A&R, streaming, marketing, production, and PR teams
-Maintaining A&R newsletter

-Local to LA

Submit resume & cover letter to [email protected], along with a list of your Top 10 favorite artists (5 all-time, 5 up-and-coming), your Top 10 favorite songs (same parameters), and Top 10 electronic dance music labels.

Reply To: [email protected]