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Digital Development

Position Type: Part Time
Location: Remote

Digital Development

Job: Freelance or Part Time Position for Digital Development
Company: Many Hats Endeavors
Location: Remote (during and after COVID-19)

The opportunity:
Many Hats Endeavors, a distribution and services company, works to enable artists of all shapes and sizes the freedom to better leverage their music for a more sustainable career. MHE is seeking the freelance or part time services of an experienced digital team member to help develop and grow a catalog and new release business across multiple genres and DSP partners.

* Help launch release campaigns to maximize digital reach for our artists.
* Maintain relationships with important contacts at the DSPs for the catalog.
* Lead outreach for the catalog and new releases in playlist and editorial pitch meetings.
* Work with marketing department to develop digital strategy for artist ad campaigns based on analytics.

* 1 or more years experience handling digital at a label, distributor, or DSP.
* Reliable relationships with DSPs including Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, and Pandora.
* Skills to analyze and act on streaming data to help inform future strategy for catalog and new releases.
* Modern understanding and interest in current and future trends in the industry.

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