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Growth Marketer / Creator Community Engagement

Position Type: Full Time
Location: Remote (US-based team)

Growth Marketer / Creator Community Engagement

About us

Paperchain is a tailored instant-pay solution to fund the next generation of creators. With Paperchain, you can see and access your streaming revenue as you earn it. In real time. Our app connects to the API feeds of Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and many others, aggregating and pricing media streaming data and making the stream revenue available instantly to creators. We've paid out $600K to music companies and creators so far, and are rapidly expanding our customer base.

We're currently raising our seed round and are capitalized from our $900K pre-seed round supported by Techstars, Our Innovation Fund as well as founders, executives and investors from The Orchard, Live Nation,, Mute Records, Unified Music Group, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs.

If you're interested in building *the* creator payments app for streaming media, come join us!


College education is **not** a prerequisite. If you did go to college, we place no weight on the college you attended. We strongly encourage women, non-cisgender and people from non-white European ancestries to apply. We only ask for relevant expertise and drive.

Role overview

We're looking for a full-time Growth Marketer / Creator Community Engagement Lead to join our team of 5.

As one of our first marketing hires, you'll be an essential part of the company's growth (and will be compensated with salary + equity). You will be working directly with our customers and creator community to help share their stories and make their success our success.

Why you should join

1. We're changing the way streaming platforms compensate creators. It's a massive paradigm shift in expectations and infrastructure that will lead lead to new categories of fintech and media products.
2. Be an early employee at a high potential startup. You'll have profound impact within the company. You'll be directly responsible for the team's successes, and will reap the benefits that come along with it.
3. Work on a product that benefits the world. If there's no equitable access to finance, the creative class will be dominated only by those already with wealth. And that would fucking suck.
4. You'll join a close-knit team of smart, talented, and motivated individuals from varied parts of the world (Australia, India, Canada, US) with a wealth of diverse experiences to keep the team interesting.

We're looking for someone

1. Who's obsessed with our product and the problem we're solving: We want want you to love this product as much as we do and bring that enthusiasm to your work and ideas.
2. Who can get things done: We care about high-quality campaigns but not if that involves sacrificing speed. Engagement campaigns that work well enough and is maintainable is more important than working perfectly. We've used weekly sprints to plan our work so the environment is pretty fast-paced.
3. With prior content creator / engagement in music/media industry:
3.1. You're a digital native content creator that has successfully built brand audiences and not afraid of running an aggressive top of funnel strategy
3.2. Understand different audience motivations across channels and isn't afraid to tackle new channel opportunities (Clubhouse, TikTok) as part of customer acquisition
3.3. Have already built communities and networks you can leverage
3.4. You can execute and analyze A/B testing of creative and digital user experiences
3.5. Track and report on performance metrics (CPL, MQLs, Opps, Pipeline, etc.), and use this data to continually optimize campaign performance
3.6. Can work with multiple teams across the business (product, ops, sales) as well as coordinate with external resources when required (PR)
3.7. Ideally, you'll have worked at a high growth startup before and understand the release cadence needed to succeed.
4. With an ear for customer voice: Understanding the why of Paperchain and the needs of our customers is critical to be our community's champion.


$50K-80K USD* (depending on experience)

Medical + Dental insurance (if US-based)

Equity compensation (based on experience)

* Financial compensation applies for current pre-seed runway. Post-seed, salaries will be market competitive.

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