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Redeye Account Representative

Position Type: Full Time
Location: Hillsborough, NC

Redeye Account Representative

Redeye is hiring a full-time Account Representative to focus on growing the sales of Redeye’s physical account base. The Account Rep works with the Sales Manager and the Director of Sales and Label Strategy to track priorities, goals, and trending sales. They directly rep independent retail accounts, prospect new accounts, and manage orders. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.

Based in Hillsborough, NC (near Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill), Redeye began in 1996 by focusing on the rich independent music of the southeast and providing the artists that made up the scene with a distribution option to give them access to all retail accounts located in their region. Since then, Redeye has charted a course of steady, sustainable growth by developing a strong physical and digital distribution network both nationally and internationally and providing a multitude of services to our partners.

Primary functions include:

- In close communication with Sales Manager and Director of Sales &
Label Strategy to discuss priorities, goals, and trending sales
- Directly rep independent physical retail accounts as assigned by
Sales Manager
- Responsible for getting orders for relevant accounts by associated
due date
- Responsible for prospecting new accounts as assigned by the Sales
- Facilitate the setup of any value-adds at indie retail accounts
- Execute marketing and promotions designated by the Marketing
and Label Strategy departments, including setting up Redeye-centric
promotions outside of accounts standard marketing opportunities
- Send promotional material on regular basis to key accounts with
outgoing shipments
- Ship applicable orders each morning per the shippable orders report
- Give outstanding customer service to all accounts – accounting
questions, mis-ships, etc.
- Achieve set monthly sales goal based on dollars billed
- Achieve set number of calls each day to account base
- Stay in regular contact with entire account base via phone and email
- Stay in regular communication with Sales Admin for any
order/returns entry instructions
- Represent Redeye & Yep Roc Music Group at industry events
functions, shows, and meetups

Experience requirements:

- Some sales experience and a strong passion for music needed.
- A general knowledge of marketing would be an added benefit.
- Basic understanding of web programs, email, social media websites
such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
- Microsoft Word/Excel knowledge.
- Knowledge of Redeye’s catalog and systems, such as Netsuite and C-
Panel will be needed once trained.

Skills Necessary:

- Must be self-motivated, organized, have the ability to multitask and
communicate clearly and effectively.
- Must be able to problem solve and provide conflict resolution when
- Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.

Redeye Worldwide is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please submit cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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